More prizes for Maggiore.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A little over a year since winning the Best Company Restaurant prize for US Awards 2010, the competition sponsored by UfficioStile, Living24, and Il Sole 24 Ore that rewards the most innovative and quality-conscious workplaces, Maggiore has also won the 2011 edition, this time for the design excellence of Maggiore Fitness, the company gym. At the conclusion of a difficult and careful selection process by a panel of highly qualified professionals, Maggiore Fitness was awarded the prize thanks to the modern style adopted and its sophisticated design, which includes elements with a silver metallic effect inspired by New York lofts.


A very welcome recognition, this time in the field of corporate wellness, that demonstrates the total care the company takes of its employees.


"We are particularly pleased to receive this important prize - said Simon Marani, Maggiore Rent Marketing Director and owner of the Maggiore Fitness design concept - because for some time we have been implementing radical policies to improve how we manage life in the workplace and thereby our corporate climate, convinced as we are that these policies are the best strategy for reducing stress and increasing productivity".


The colours used to create Maggiore Fitness are red for the technical flooring, which gives warmth to the space, various shades of grey on the walls, and silver on the ceilings. The columns are finished with a floral motif; the LED lighting strips are ideal for creating a soft, enveloping mood. The gym is equipped with sophisticated technologies: a multi-zone sound system, a sauna, a relaxation room with chromotherapy, and the latest satin-finish dark-wood effect baths and shower cabinets, which match the dominant finishes in the main room.