Maggiore sponsors LUISS on the road.

Monday, 27 February 2012

LUISS ON THE ROAD will be a journey by two students from the LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome who will cross the length and breadth of Italy, travelling through 13 regions in 35 stages lasting 17 days, and covering more than 6000 kilometres in a wide variety of vehicles from trains to electric cars, but always under the banner of sustainable transport. These are the numbers and the spirit of LUISS ON THE ROAD: the first trip to be organised by the LUISS Guido Carli University. Maggiore will sponsor the parts of the trip to be covered by car, and Trenitalia will sponsor the train parts. In real time, using their smartphones and multiple social networks like Facebook and Twitter, from 24th February until 12th March the two students will describe their encounters with ordinary Italians who are doing "extraordinary" things now or have done them in the past, and will create a picture of Italy as a diverse but indivisible country, full of positive stories they will unearth in the heart of her provinces. The objective of LUISS ON THE ROAD is to use the ideas, experiences and emotions of the two protagonists to make known Italy's most hidden face and bring out the optimistic, positive outlook of so many young Italians who have inquiring minds, clear beliefs, and a desire to understand their country, and have decided to remain in their home country and construct their own future.


The diverse, global scenario in which firms are now operating" says Stefano Gargiulo, General Director of Maggiore Rent "means than we must develop our economic role in parallel with our social role in ever more mature ways. We firmly support this approach, which is why we are particularly pleased to sponsor this innovative project created by LUISS University; in it we see strong analogies with the ethical and social commitment that distinguishes our own brand and which, thanks to the new directions of development and new strategies our company has undertaken, are perfectly in line with the 'sustainable development' of society as a whole.”
The two students, who have already been given the nicknames LUISS and LEISS (LUI-SHE and LUI-HE) will spend seventeen days on the road and will always be online in real time with videos, interviews, and photographs. Their programme will include a vast range of meetings with entrepreneurs, innovators, intellectuals, travellers, journalists, professors, artists, high-school students, and professionals.


LUISS and LEISS will travel by rail and road, frequently using electric vehicles from the Maggiore EcoRent fleet, and will be permanently connected to the internet and the social networks. Every day, whoever wants to will be able to listen live to Radio LUISS over the Web, to get stage-by-stage updates and hear the voices of the protagonists as they express their curiosity, anticipation and excitement durings the trip.