AmicoBlu eliminates deductible costs for damage and theft.

Monday, 24 June 2013

AmicoBlu is currently launching the new SPP supplement, offering its customers the unique opportunity to abandon every worry during the rental period. In fact, by purchasing the Super Serenity Pack, any damage and theft deductible costs are completely eliminated.


From today, SPP brings together in a single package the PTI (Personal Travel Insurance), STP (elimination of theft deductible cost) and Super SKO (elimination of damage deductible cost) supplements, to offer customers the option of a carefree trip. By completely eliminating the damage deductible cost, as well as the theft deductible cost, AmicoBlu adds serenity to all transportation.


Only a market leader like AmicoBlu can offer its customers exclusive and innovative advantages, like the total elimination of deductibles, the possibility to return a vehicle to a different town from that of pick-up, a fleet that is in constant expansion and renewal and a highly specialized and widespread network throughout Italy.