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As the person nominated in the contract (the Rental Agreement), the Customer is liable for fines or other charges resulting from breaches of the Highway Code or failure to pay toll and/or parking charges as described in the General Conditions point 8. Therefore if served with a fine, the Customer is personally liable.


Notification may be served in one of two ways.


  • The vehicle is stopped by the police and the fine notified directly to the user, on the spot. In this case the user must pay the amount of the fine, or can appeal against it to the issuing authority, in accordance with the terms and methods specified in the fine notice.


  • The fine is notified to the lessor. In this case Maggiore will provide the personal details of the Customer, who as holder of the Rental Agreement is responsible for the alleged infringement, to the competent authorities, so that notification of the fine can be correctly re-issued to the Customer. As in the previous case above, any appeals must be lodged directly with the issuing body, in accordance with the terms and methods set out in the fine notice.


In the case of a fine issued for failing to present the original of the vehicle log book and/or insurance payment receipt, the Customer will not be liable but must immediately deliver the fine notification to the nearest Maggiore office.