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Payment by credit card

Access to rental

To access a rental, a credit card in the name of the person collecting the vehicle or signing the Rental Agreement must be presented at the rental office.

If two credit cards are required these should also be in the name of the person collecting the vehicle or signing the Rental Agreement.


The credit card is a mandatory requirement as guarantee of rental, including pre-paid bookings.


The only valid credit cards for access to rental are Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners cards with the numbers printed in relief.

Debit cards, prepaid and electronic cards (e.g. Visa Electron, Postepay) are not accepted


But by agreement with the office concerned other means of payment (e.g. debit cards, cash, etc..) are accepted for paying the final balance.




At the beginning of the rental is pledged an amount in the credit card as a deposit at the discretion of the Lessor.

This deposit is not debited but the amount is "blocked" on the credit card as a guarantee when the vehicle is collected. See "Services and Supplements" in the Rental Rate List.


Payment and release of the deposit

A transaction on the credit card is only carried out when the vehicle is returned and the Rental Agreement concluded. This amount is usually the amount that was required as guarantee at the beginning of the rental plus any additional amounts.

However, if the amount is less, the difference will be released as soon as the charge automatically, from that moment on, our relationship ceases with our customer's credit card.

Therefore Maggiore can not be held responsible for the additional time provided by Credit Institutions for the release of what is still tied after the end of the rental (usually 15-20 days from the input by Maggiore).