If you need help

Breakdown or accident

In case of a vehicle breakdown or accident, you must:


  • To call a rescue vehicle contact Maggiore Roadside Assistance (freephone 24/7) on 800.801.180 (within Italy) or +39 02 58 24 04 77 (within or outside Italy) 


  • Wait for the rescue vehicle to arrive at the scene; if the event is an accident, complete all parts of the CAI form (Constatazione Amichevole di Incidente/Agreed Motor Accident Statement) which you will find in the vehicle. If the accident involves a third party, get the third party to also complete and sign the CAI form, and obtain any witness statements. The CAI form must be delivered to a Maggiore Rent office, along with any other documentation, not more than 24 hours after the event.


  • To continue your journey by an alternative means of transport (e.g. taxi, train, etc.) so that you can get to the nearest Maggiore Rent office to pick up a replacement vehicle, you should request authorisation for this directly from Maggiore Road Assistance. This authorisation is required in order for you to be refunded. N.B. A replacement vehicle will not be delivered to the scene of the event. Maggiore Rent has a network of more than 140 offices throughout Italy. The Maggiore offices in major airports and railway stations normally have extended opening hours, and are also open on Saturdays and Sundays.


  • If you realise that you need an alternative means of transport only after you called out the rescue vehicle, you must again call the toll-free number given above and ask for specific authorisation for a taxi or other alternative means of transport. You will then receive a confirmation text message.
  • When you get to the office, hand in a copy of the receipt you were issued by Road Assistance, together with a copy of your Rental Agreement, and pick up your replacement vehicle.

N.B.: a towing service is not provided for an ordinary flat tyre (for which the customer is required to use the spare wheel or the inflation kit)