4 Seasons tyres

Whichever road you decide to take, we want to guarantee you the best safety on board of an AmicoBlu van.


This is why we are also offering you 4 seasons tyres: suitable for driving on any road surface, even particularly cold, snowy or muddy ones.


With a deeper tread and a design studied to adhere perfectly to the road, in winter, just like in summer, 4 seasons tyres always guarantee greater safety than conventional tyres do.


Soft compound – Quick to reach operating temperature – Tread enriched with sipes for perfect grip – Usable as an alternative to snow chains when mandatory (M + S marking).

N.B.: According to local government directive, during the winter period you may be required to have snow chains or winter tyres on board, for travelling on some sections of road or motorway.


To learn about the Regional Regulations click here.