Snow chains

When it comes to safety, we don't joke. If you’ll be going on a winter journey to discover the magic of snow-covered villages, you can ask us to load snow chains in the car. This will give you weatherproof rental, and having taken proper precautions you can set off safely, whatever your destination.


Certified chains of the latest generation - High quality - Complete safety on snow or ice - Easy to fit.


N.B.: According to local government directive, during the winter period you may be required to have snow chains or winter tyres on board, for travelling on some sections of road or motorway.

To learn about the Regional Regulations click here.


Maggiore can provide snow chains for only 8 Euro* per day up to a maximum of 40 Euro.


(*This amount may be either inclusive of VAT or VAT exempt and will be increased by 16% for airport charges or 12% for rail charges, if the rental is made at an airport or a railway station. Snow chains can be reserved online at the same time as renting the car). 

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