GPS navigator Tom Tom Start Classic

Maggiore can provide a handy satellite navigation system that lets you drive calmly with no surprises, and helps you to get your bearings more easily each time you make a journey. It's simple and intuitive and gets you to your chosen destination with the greatest of ease. 


Fast GPS connection - 3.5" flat screen - Intelligent day/night display - Points of interest display - Voice command for highway exits - Lane assist.


The GPS navigator is available for only 15 Euro* per day.


(* For each additional day 15 Euro vat included, up to a maximum of 10 days. All amounts may be either inclusive of VAT or VAT exempt and will be increased by 16% for airport charges or 12% for rail charges, if the rental is made at an airport or a railway station. The GPS navigator can be reserved online at the same time as renting the car).

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