Maggiore SanyRent, the first integrated system for cleansing and sanitising cars and vans.


Maggiore SanyRent is the revolutionary system for cleaning cars and vans that Maggiore guarantees with every rental, at no additional cost.


Thanks to SanyRent, your vehicle will always be:

  • deep cleaned using a wash cycle outside and inside, giving an impeccable appearance;
  • purified using a product that neutralises odours by capturing their molecules;
  • sanitised thanks to the germicidal disinfectant action of a product that is harmless to health and free of allergens, and which not only eliminates bacterial moulds in the air conditioning system, but also gives a broad spectrum of protection from mites, bacteria, fungi and viruses.


Thus all our cars and vans are perfectly cleaned, purified and sterilised in a single process that is exclusive in the market, using professional pharmacological products bearing the Würth trademark, and certified in compliance with the latest EU directives.


Maggiore SanyRent means: cars and vans as good as new. Every time you rent. At no additional cost. Because Maggiore means more.