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The Maggiore Style

Knowledge; know-how; knowing what you want to be; believing that if you want to generate customer satisfaction you must first make sure that your own employees are satisfied. We foster interpersonal relationships based on rational behaviour, keeping over-emotionalism under wise control: a "You win, I win" approach that's ideal for building fruitful relationships within our company, aimed at attaining personal and corporate objectives: consensus, commitment, performance development, creativity, productivity, effectiveness.


The factors that keep us focussed are: action that is given direction with determination, planning, conviction, and ideals, pursuing planned outcomes, harmonised around a unifying centre and coming to their highest expression in what we think of as a sense of belonging.


That's what Maggiore is about: the Maggiore style. Working with a team of excellence consisting of women and men who, with professionalism, commitment and determination, contribute every day to attaining our company's challenging objectives.


The key to our success is the people who are at the heart of our company and at the centre of every strategy. Always.