About Us

Business Vision



We are firmly committed to ensuring the continuity of the Maggiore Group by affirming our success in the Italian car rental services market, in which our constant aim has always been to consolidate our brand as a reference point for road transport in Italy. Our goals for the longer term give precedence to aiming for results and prioritising the construction of value.


We promote an ethical system of relationships based on trust between people and relying on fairness, respect, and on maintaining a balance between the life of our staff in the workplace and their personal well-being. Our training plans ensure that the professional development of our employees stays in line with developments in the market.


We strongly believe that the key to our success is the centrality of our human resources: the women and men who work for us, in our name. It is absolutely certain that over time the critical factor for our success in sustaining a business model that cannot be imitated is the passion, values, and professionalism of our staff.


The motivation and sense of belonging of our employees enables us to pursue the satisfaction of our customers. Our reward is the ability to combine the development of our company with the professional and human development of our people.